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Published: July 18, 2018

Pilgrims guarding officer Martin Casey has won the National Officer Gold Award at the company’s annual awards ceremony, which rewards excellence among the teams that protect clients’ premises.

A total of 20 awards were presented at this year’s Pilgrims Manned Guarding Awards, which took place in June. Casey, who works at ITV Leeds, was praised for his judgement, hard work and ability to remain calm under pressure. The Pilgrims senior management team described Casey as a valuable asset to Pilgrims, who deserved recognition, and was a dedicated and highly professional shift leader.

Tony Wisdom, Senior Operations Manager, said: “In addition, he also accepted a number of important site-based projects which I might add, were completed to a high standard and before the set deadlines. His work on these projects was outstanding and this output very much demonstrates clear added value for the client.

“He is a significant asset to Pilgrims Group; he always exudes the professionalism of a first class supervisor, he has worked continuously and tirelessly under some incredibly challenging conditions over the last 12 months and did so without complaint. This supervisor understands what needs to be done and delivers regardless of the challenges he may face.

“I am constantly impressed with this individual’s work ethic, his enthusiasm toward the projects which were set to him was refreshing to say the least, not to mention critical in the development of a core function of the team”.

The client commented, “This officer has shown that he is very adept at leading a team. When set a challenge he clearly revels in delivering to a high standard: his efforts have been very much appreciated.”

Silver and Bronze awards went to guarding officers Kingsley Okyere and Ruhel Kamali, respectively, while Best Team awards went to BBC Studioworks (Gold), ITV Norwich, (Silver) and ITV Manchester (Bronze).

Pilgrims Group COO, David Freear said: “These awards give us an opportunity to show our appreciation of the incredibly high standards of service that our teams deliver, recognising those who go the extra mile, day after day, for our clients. The competition was strong and all our winners are extremely well deserved.”

The full list of winners is as follows:

Regional Gold South Kingsley Okyere
Regional Gold North Martin Casey
Regional Gold London Ruhel Kamali

Regional Silver South Thaman Gurung
Regional Silver North Ibby Sabir
Regional Silver London Neil Pathak

Regional Bronze South Brian Yang
Regional Bronze North George Morter
Regional Bronze London Jude Uzice

National Officer Gold Martin Casey
National Officer Silver Kingsley Okyere
National Officer Bronze Ruhel Kamali

National Team (Gold) BBC Studioworks
National Team (Silver) ITV Norwich
National Team (Bronze) ITV Manchester

Highly Commended

Andrew Dall (BBC Studioworks)
Mark Clifford (ITV Norwich)
Samee Ul-Haq (CRO)

James Arnott (ITV Manchester)
Matt Lee (ITV Manchester)