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Published: May 25, 2018

Around 22 staff from 18 companies attended Pilgrims first workshop on GDPR this month, and a free comprehensive reference guide is now available.
The event, held at Pilgrims state-of-the-art training centre in Surrey, included staff from companies in sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, event bookers, care providers, facilities management, human resources, defence and technology. It was supported by NDC Global, Pilgrims compliance partner and a market leader in best-practice and compliance training.

The event was aimed at those responsible for information security, data protection, risk management and legal compliance within their organisations. Delegates were given insight into:
• GDPR regulations and main changes
• Common challenges faced by those responsible for data information
• Key considerations surrounding data mapping and data privacy impact assessments

Delegates were also given an opportunity to explore the Academy’s urban training town with its mock streets, shops and banks. They also heard about the types of training delivered and the flexibility of the space in respect to the Hostile Environment, Team Building, First Aid and Advanced Medical training. Everyone was suitably impressed, and many said they’d driven past the building a hundred times but never for once would have guessed what was in there.

Further seminars will be run in the coming months on ISO standards and how they integrate with each other beginning with OHSAS18001 and the transition to ISO4500. For more information or to book a place, go to

Pilgrims Academy’s free guide to GDPR can be downloaded here )