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Published: January 31, 2018

Pilgrims has developed a new, unique training offer that provides transformative team building experiences for organisations and professionals in every walk of life.

TeamScape360 blends essential team building with life skills using real life scenarios to immerse delegates into various situations and challenges. Use of a dynamic and realistic environment prepares employees more effectively than the traditional team building available and our training helps delegates cement the key communication, leadership and teamwork skills organisations aim to develop.

TeamScape360 provides a highly effective and output focussed option that allows staff to develop the necessary skills of working together in a safe and fun environment. The recreation of lifelike situations, with scenarios ranging from natural disasters to investigative missions, enables delegates to benefit from improved reaction times and muscle memory responses.

TeamScape360 draws upon the remarkable facilities at the Pilgrims Academy, including film style sets which recreate a variety of realistic urban environments, from a high street and bank to a police station, where the sounds and even smells of a disaster can be replicated.

Professionals who have attended the course, which was nominated for a Security Excellence Award in 2017, have described it as a “true investment in people”, “a fantastic, thorough and helpful course” and “the best team building I’ve done: not only are the skills learned relevant in work situations, they are equally pertinent in any situation.”

David Freear, Pilgrims Group Chief Operations Officer, comments: “We realised that our experience in delivering training that prepares people for potential incidents and disasters also offers an ideal way of building a strong team ethic among the staff of any organisation, not just those most likely to face conflict or danger but anyone who is part of a team. By bringing the training into our Academy facility, we were able to develop this new course and offer it to customers throughout industry and the public sector.

“TeamScape360 combines team building with life-saving skills. We are confident it will appeal to any organisation proactively seeking to build stronger, more confident teams and engaging with the challenges of the modern world.”