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Published: January 31, 2018

Improved technology and continued teamwork in Pilgrims Manned Guarding division have contributed to a near 100% customer satisfaction across the business, according to David Freear, Group Chief Operating Officer. This harnessing of technology has ensured its award-winning Manned Guarding training and operations are amongst the smartest available.

Pilgrims has achieved customer satisfaction and service delivery levels of 98.3% across all the company’s contracts, thanks to its strong team and the deployment of technology which measures and improves performances through multiple, real-time assessments.

Last November, Pilgrims won Security Guarding Company of the Year (under £50m turnover) at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards (SEA) 2017.

“Although we have achieved four SEA awards over the last four years, we must innovate and take our standards higher every year to remain at the leading edge of good practice,” Freear says. “This means not just investing heavily in our staff but also in our tactical use of technology.”

The company has won some notable high profile national contracts, for example with broadcaster ITV and multinational professional services network PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

This success, Freear believes, has been earned by demonstrating a commitment to high quality training which uses the best technology and most engaging, interactive online courses in the security industry.

“The training we provide covers more than 30 separate modules with in-depth assessments and testing every six months to ensure competency,” Freear explains. “We have embraced technology to develop our own unique operational training evaluations, with systems such as MinEval™, FactFinders™ and DecisionMakers™, which prepare our guards for almost any situation. We have also invested heavily in technology systems across our business and client sites – 85% of our manual processes have now been automated.

“By using PDAs (hand-held personal digital assistants), our teams can upload audits and incidents immediately, easily generating reports, monitoring training and screening. Our staff can check schedules, book leave, order uniform and more, all with the click of a button. Consequently, our service delivery, response times and communication with teams and clients have all been significantly improved through the strategic use of technology.”

Pilgrims has also developed unique IT-based, strategic risk management and information gathering tools, enabling clients to be considerably better prepared for current threats.

“Technology is supporting our business in new ways, year on year”, says Freear, “But it’s only as good as the team around it and the support and training they are given. We continue to look at the best possible ways technology can support what we do to achieve the strong results our clients quite rightly expect. The future is exciting, and we look forward to seeing what new technological advances will bring to our sector.”