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Published: January 31, 2018

An article by a Pilgrims intelligence analyst has been accepted for publication by the prestigious Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), an independent think tank that prides itself on careful reflection on defence and security matters.

The article, written by Alex Maciag of Pilgrims Risk and Information Services, assesses Russia’s strategy in Afghanistan and covers geopolitical aspects such as its relationship with the Taliban and its views on Islamic State, and the continued US presence in the country.

Alex and his colleagues provide a wide range of intelligence products, including country risk assessments that give high quality, in-depth analysis of operational and tactical requirements and plans, informed by current and historical data on incidents, political and economic issues, levels of criminality and terrorism, and essential information on health, travel and infrastructure. The service also offers assessments of strategic threats and travel security, special incident reports and other risk advisory services, such as market entry security, due diligence, analysis of incidents, trends and outlooks and informed forecasting.

For more information on these services, including subscriptions and pricing, or to request an example of our previous reports free of charge, please contact Alex Maciag, or Alex’s team leader, Valerie Kong

Access to articles published by RUSI is normally restricted to its members, but RUSI has kindly permitted us to share Alex’s article on Afghanistan with Beacon readers here .