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Published: December 15, 2017

Burns: a Pre-Hospital Education Day with real-life case studies in a highly-realistic urban setting at Pilgrims Academy, Surrey:
(held across two half day sessions on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 February 2018)

Pilgrims Academy is to host a training day aimed at paramedics, close protection medics, doctors, nurses and burns treatment manufacturers to explore ways of responding to burns incidents and the changing nature of these events. Organised in partnership with the British Burn Association (BBA), the Pre-Hospital Education Day will examine a number of real case studies, demonstrating the range of incidents that can take place and how treatment and long-term recovery can be affected by the initial response to a burn.

“Misunderstandings about burns are common, even among professionals, and some organisations still take an outdated approach to burns management,” says organiser Stephen Benbow, a paramedic and member of the Burns Allied Health Professional Education Sub-committee. “A significant killer in modern fires is cyanide poisoning, so response and treatment will revolve around cyanide antidotes. We’ll also be covering issues like ‘acid’ attacks, more accurately described as chemical attacks, as the corrosive substances used are often not acid.”

Although mainly classroom-based, the BBA training will take place alongside the many accident and disaster settings available at the Academy, which add realism to the training of other private and public sector organisations at the facility. These include a ‘film-set’ style ‘mock city’ incorporating a police station, a collapsed building and a ‘major incident’ street, which can recreate the sights, sounds and smells of an accident or attack.

“We are using case studies, photographs and evidence from real scenarios to allow professionals to see what the injuries look like. The Pilgrims Academy will provide a dramatic background for the training,” says Benbow.

David Freear, chief operations director of Pilgrims says, “We are delighted to support the BBA in welcoming these health professionals and first responders to discuss this constantly evolving danger in modern life. The burns education day demonstrates how Pilgrims Academy can provide an ideal training environment, simulating the types of difficult and dangerous conditions which employees and volunteers may encounter in their work.”

The burns training day is free to BBA members, £40 to members of the College of Paramedics and £50 to non-members. Split into two half-days, the sessions run from 12:30-5pm (Thu 22 Feb) and on 8.30-1pm (Fri 23 Feb). Places are still available. For more information or to book a place, please contact Nechama Lewis of the British Burn Association or book online: