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Published: November 21, 2017

Pilgrims Group is developing a new digital communications system, the HUB, to enable employees to more efficiently manage policy and human resources documents, take part in the latest training and to share ideas and experiences.

The HUB, accessible only to Pilgrims employees and guards, is expected to go live in a staged roll-out from mid-December and will provide each of the company’s departments with its own section on the site. As well as streamlining HR systems, the HUB will incorporate a digital picture library and facilitate communications activities such as company surveys, delivering data to inform how staff can work smarter to deliver the very best service for clients.

“The HUB will ensure everyone in the Pilgrims Team understands the company’s vision, its mission and its core values,” says David Freear, Chief Operations Officer of Pilgrims Group. “It’s a way of bringing the entire company into one area and a platform for anyone who has something they want to suggest, share or ask.”