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Published: July 4, 2017

Pilgrims Training Academy has entered a strategic alliance with the Swindon-based training and standards specialist NDC Global Auditors Ltd to extend its range of courses into human resources, health and safety and environmental good practice. Under the new relationship with NDC, the academy now provides business-oriented courses in a wealth of standards and disciplines, combined with the existing realistic safety and security training it already offers to clients such as the emergency services, international businesses and government departments.

NDC Global, a market leader in best-practice and compliance training, runs courses leading to a range of certification including ISO standards, fire risk management and health and safety at work qualifications. Ian Fielding, chief information officer (CIO) at NDC Global, says the partnership allows his company to use Pilgrims Academy’s unique Urbanised Training Facility, including a town square, a “major incident” street and a collapsed building, to deliver work-place related training with realistic emergency scenarios.

“We could see a crossover with the emergency preparedness and first aid courses we deliver and the facilities at Pilgrims Academy,” explains Fielding. “In view of the threat of the types of terrorist attack this country has experienced recently, we’ve designed a new emergency at work first aid course. We have set the course in a much more realistic environment, using the lifelike settings, including audio and smoke effects provided by the Academy. This trains first responders in the event of a massive attack or incident. We are also launching the Academy as a training hub for auditors’ courses for ISO 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001.”

“We’re delighted to welcome NDC Global as strategic partners at the Pilgrims Academy,” says David Freear, chief operating officer (COO) of Pilgrims Group. “Our aim in setting up the Academy was to create a centre of excellence and bring specialist partners on board to give clients access to a much wider range of courses in this dynamic environment. We are looking forward to working closely with Ian and his team to help the clients of both our companies work to the highest international standards in health, safety and security.”

NDC Global works in sectors including aerospace, engineering and food manufacture, including clients such as the NHS, Hart Ambulance, Magellan Aerospace and Sony.