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Published: July 4, 2017

The dangers facing employers, their staff and customers as they go about their daily business have been thrown into sharp relief by the recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester. In response, Pilgrims Academy has announced a free open day on Friday 14 July which offers practical advice on how to mitigate the risks of attacks such as these, and keep your staff and customers safe and your business operations running.

As well as offering an opportunity to find out the range of courses the Academy has to offer, the day will highlight the key areas where clients can prepare themselves in the event of such an incident, increasing their chances of survival and reducing the risk of harm to themselves, their colleagues, customers or members of the public who may become involved. The specialist safety advisers at Pilgrims will hold an opening presentation, followed by a tour of the 45,000 sq ft facility, complete with realistic urban settings such as a collapsed building and a “major incident” street.

“The open day will appeal to professionals in the fields of leadership, security, health & safety and human resources, with a vocational interest in keeping their stakeholders safe and their operations running,” says David Freear of Pilgrims. “We anticipate that all types of organisations from hotel chains and well known corporations to universities and local authorities will take an interest. This open day demonstrates how Pilgrims is working with its specialist training partners to prepare clients for any potential incident, to quickly reassure their customers and give their staff the necessary confidence to deal with a crisis.”

Pilgrims Academy Open Day takes place at the facility in Redhill, Surrey on Friday 14 July. For more information please contact