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Published: May 26, 2017

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Since our last newsletter, events have taken place that highlight the many risks we all face, wherever we are. The terrible terrorist attack in Manchester has taken and devastated the lives of many innocent and decent people, including men, women and children, out with the peaceful aim of enjoying themselves. Such shocking events impact all people in the world, but none more so than the families of the victims who are in our thoughts and prayers.

In another form of attack, a major ransomware cyberattack impacting on many countries and organisations, hit parts of our NHS in the UK, affecting the smooth running of vital healthcare services on the ground.

These events remind all people in society of the need to be vigilant and prepared against the sort of acts that the criminal terrorist minority seek to use to attack our way of life.

Pilgrims news this month:

Across the breadth of Pilgrims award-winning UK and international services, demand from our clients has never been higher, and the need for innovation and consistency never greater.

The renewal of key security guarding contracts in the UK and further development and external validation of our Pilgrims Academy training centre and its venue capability and curriculum, are both underpinned by innovation and consistency in service delivery to all our clients.

Meanwhile, in light of the ever-present threat of cyberattack, Pilgrims also responds to the demand for simple, understandable guidance.