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Published: December 21, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, it is only natural to reflect on what has been an extremely eventful year in what can be said to be an increasingly unstable and uncertain world.

Complex economic, security and political factors continue to pervade across our planet and these impact our state of mind and the way we live and work. Perhaps most notably, as we all contemplate our safety and wellbeing or that of the people whom it is our duty to protect, the impact of violent extremism in its many forms, both within and across national borders, so self evident in an information age, has been prevalent in so many places in the world. Resulting conflict and instability, as well as causing the death and destruction we have seen on our screens, have continued to cause population migration and difficult humanitarian dilemmas. For many, violent incidents in Paris, Nice, Berlin and Ankara, are a reminder that, in a globalized world, violent extremism is not confined to so-called hostile/fragile regions of the world, but are far reaching and potentially very close to home.

They affect all mankind and should therefore create a unity of purpose for tolerance, inclusivity, a continual desire for peace, and the rejection of violence in any society. Proper understanding and awareness, as part of preparation for dealing with the consequences of violence, help to reduce fear and uncertainty and enable people to be more confident and motivated in working together to reach resilient, sustainable solutions to these global issues; just as environmental issues, on which there has been increasing progress, require everyone to play their part.

This year, Pilgrims has continued to be engaged by, and to engage, our many existing clients and new clients in order to reach solutions to the security risk problems faced around the world. Our consulting, information and training services have never been in greater demand to help clients with decision making on preparation and response solutions to achieve appropriate resilience to risks faced. For example: in the wake of the Paris attacks our risk Masterclass chaired by Sir David Veness was well attended and helpful to corporate decision makers; our low cost TravelSafe product has been utilised to make corporate travelers aware at home, when travelling, and living overseas, in addition to our innovative HEAT training for those living and working in more extreme environments; our Pilgrims Academy indoor training facilities were opened to blue light services and are the centre of excellence for our training services; the combination of violent extremism and economic factors- such as the sustained oil price slump - has caused many energy clients to have to review their cost and methods of risk mitigation across their global footprints, and Pilgrims has responded to this by introducing a new Security Risk Management software tool, enabling and empowering our clients to consistently and effectively assess, model, cost and manage risks from macro to micro.

We have also seen significant increase in the demand for our globally risk aware, enterprise wide perspective, in turn driving an increase in demand for discerning security guarding services in the United Kingdom. In parallel, our global/international provenance has been externally recognized by becoming the only wholly privately owned risk management company in the world to be awarded PSC1/ISO18788 Global Certification, and one example of our work for clients operating in fragile environments was recognized by the Award for International Achievement by the UK Security Excellence Awards 2016.

In such difficult times we see an even greater need to build close relationships leading to true understanding and the ability to work together and achieve the right solutions in our world. We would like to say a big thank you to all our clients and staff with whom we share this common purpose! We wish everyone peaceful, happy holidays wherever you are. As we transition into 2017, we look forward to working with you to make a better world and of course to enable you to achieve your objectives!

We wish everyone a Happy Christmas.