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Published: November 9, 2016

Following its work with the Oman Oil Company (OOC), international risk management specialist, Pilgrims Group, has designed and implemented a crisis management framework for Salalah Methanol Company (SMC), a subsidiary of OOC.

In a three month consultation, Pilgrims specialist and former Royal Military Police Officer, Peter Milburn, worked with SMC’s existing security team, supported as always by Pilgrims long standing partner in the Sultanate of Oman, the Al Safwa Group, to review the company’s methods and develop best practice procedures. His brief was to deliver a sustainable security framework and resilience strategy which mitigates risks, responds to any crisis and assists with swift recovery from any such event.

“Although SMC had a team of guards in place, a wider management framework was needed to manage risks and establish procedures,” said Milburn. “Staff needed further education on a range of potential threats and the procedures to mitigate them, to ensure the most effective outcome.” The security challenges faced by SMC, he explained, are similar to those experienced by every significant manufacturing facility worldwide, ranging from petty theft or fire to natural disaster and criminal or politically-motivated attack.

The work took place in three phases. Pilgrims first carried out a GAP analysis to establish any weaknesses in the company’s existing security provision. In the second phase, this analysis was used to draw up a security management framework compliant with the latest requirements of the Royal Oman Police Oil and Gas Installations Command. As part of this phase, SMC’s in-house teams received instruction on how to carry out a risk assessment and security plan, while Milburn mentored SMC’s head of security and crisis management, who attended UK-based training.

In the final implementation phase, SMC’s teams rolled out the new framework, testing it in a major training exercise which simulated a serious fire in which external agencies, including a public defence team and emergency services, took part.

“We believe in building a client’s internal capability, based on the security measures that already exist,” says Milburn. “We help a business get to and surpass where it needs to be, including full integration into the national infrastructure. This consultancy service takes place on the client’s premises, where we acquire a full understanding of their personnel, infrastructure and security needs. It can’t be delivered from a distance.”

Peter Kaye, Director of Business Development at Pilgrims Group, commented: “Insurance companies are increasingly looking for crisis management plans and control frameworks to demonstrate compliance with best practice. Our work with SMC further demonstrates Pilgrims Group’s expertise in delivering exactly this type of consultancy service.”