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Published: November 9, 2016

The Australian High Commission (AHC) has appointed Pilgrims Group Limited to provide full time guarding of the AHC Chancery and High Commissioner’s Residence in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. Meanwhile, the British Council, which already used a risk management system developed by Pilgrims, has invited the company to provide full time guarding at three of its premises, in Abuja, Lagos and Kano.

The two new contracts come after both organisations experienced first-hand the high level of guarding services that risk management and security specialist Pilgrims provides to the British High Commission in Nigeria.

For the British Council, Pilgrims has introduced new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) tailored to the needs of the client, which includes enhanced screening of vehicles and strengthened access control. Since the beginning of August, the company has screened over 1,800 vehicles at the premises. An agreement has also been reached for the installation of panic alarm systems at the client’s premises.

The AHC declared itself particularly impressed by the high level of training provided by Pilgrims and the company’s close supervision of guards. This follows the introduction of improved SOPs, strengthened access controls and enhanced screening of vehicles. Pilgrims also professionalised the main guard station at the Chancery and improved visitor screening processes. The client is now also using Pilgrims for journey management services outside Abuja.