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Published: October 5, 2016

UK-based international security specialist Pilgrims Group Limited has become only the second private security firm to be awarded the best practice certificate ‘PSC.1 World Wide’ status, for its global operation.

The certificate, also referred to as the ISO 18788, demonstrates that the company meets the highest standards of close protection and risk assessment for customers in every territory where it operates.

Pilgrims is now the only security provider to hold ISO9001, SIA ACS and now PSC.1, putting the company well and truly at the forefront of the security industry in terms of quality.

Des Ewers, Group Compliance Manager for Pilgrims, explains that the system of PSC certificates, awarded by UK-based auditing company MSS Global, has been driven by client demands to ensure consistent high service and risk management standards among private security professionals who operate in regions of actual and potential conflict.

“The auditors required us to demonstrate expertise in risk assessment, human rights and a range of other disciplines,” says Ewers. “Although holding PSC.1 is not a license or a legal requirement, it is designed to eliminate less scrupulous providers from our profession. Clients increasingly require this certification and we believe it will become expected in the next year or two.”

Bill Freear, Pilgrims Group CEO, says: “I am proud of our teams’ success in achieving this demanding standard. The fact that we are only the second company in the world to earn a global PSC.1 demonstrates the high level of service Pilgrims Group offers in every country where it operates. This mark of quality demonstrates to potential clients how well we secure their teams wherever they are in the world. We’re confident it will help us to win new business in the months and years to come.”

Pilgrims Group works in territories including Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Libya, Kenya and Algeria.