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Published: July 15, 2016

Pilgrims joins in the worldwide expressions of shock and sympathy after the terrorist attack in France on Thursday.

The incident in Nice and others in Western Europe, Turkey, and Bangladesh underscore the unpredictable nature of the current terrorist threat from IS and AQ from within and abroad, and the global attraction of followers to their aims. In turn, corporate resilience stemming from an understanding of the present threat trends and public sector response capabilities is essential to determine the necessary business security measures.

  • Keep updated with news from local media, authorities, and contacts in country as the situation continues to develop, and follow the instructions of local authorities and official announcements.

  • Review traveller training, business travel processes, communications planning and procedures. Maintain staff awareness and ensure all corporate plans / protocols are regularly practiced and understood.

  • Ensure buildings and perimeters are secured, facility security personnel are well-trained and strong response capabilities are in place.

  • As a result of the heightened security presence and additional measures in place, extra time should be given when planning activities, particularly at transport links, as well as unanticipated delays due to extensive security checks / screening at access points and international hubs.