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Published: July 5, 2016

International security specialist Pilgrims Group Limited has successfully extended its eGuarding training to Nigeria, where 300 security guards working for the British High Commission earned qualifications after taking part in the initiative. The program was designed to develop the professional abilities of security guards recruited locally by the client, who may not have internet access or IT literacy skills. Before Pilgrims introduced the scheme, guards working at the High Commission had access to very limited training with the previous security provider.

“The eGuarding qualification was designed for the UK market, where it can be completed online,” David Freear, Pilgrims Group Chief Operating Officer, explains. “But the fact that guards in Nigeria either had no internet access or lacked computer skills has not stopped us. We were able to deliver the training to guards in a classroom environment, where they had an instructor working with them module by module. We also drew on the expertise of local Nigerian managers with knowledge of local law. It’s the first time we’ve rolled out eGuarding overseas and it’s been a major success.”

Pilgrims introduced the initiative to Nigeria after operating it in the UK for twelve months and successfully trained 300 guards within a three to six-month time period.

“Overseas clients often have major issues with the quality of their guard forces and want to improve the level of service they receive so this method of delivering eGuarding offers them real tangible benefits. Guards are much more alert, more knowledgeable, able to deal with issues much more effectively and are much more engaged with the client's business.” says Freear.