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Published: February 17, 2016

The more functional and communicative the team, the greater the success of your business...

Although every workplace team is different, regardless of what your organisation does, all teams can be improved with great benefits to your business. Improved staff morale, better problem-solving and decision-making, increased creativity, smoother communications and greater trust between colleagues are just a few of the notable benefits a successful team-building training day can bring.

Pilgrims is renowned for its award-winning corporate training in a wide range of areas relating to risk, security, health and safety. It is perhaps less widely known that the company also arranges bespoke training in other areas, such as team-building. Complementing the Company’s facilities and expertise in training for challenging situations, opportunities exist to create something special that no-one will ever forget.

One such example was a day organised for a leading pharmaceutical company. Having already used Pilgrims risk management services, the company approached the training division asking to explore ideas for a team-building course. It was for their sales team and required some specific, measurable outcomes with the course tailored to their exact needs. The day sought to develop problem-solving, time and crisis management skills, team bonding amid adversity, an appreciation of individual strengths and weaknesses and inspire ownership and accountability. Furthermore, an additional function was to help the team to grow with some fun and memorable experiences.

Little did they realise quite how memorable the day would be. Taking the brief into consideration, the Pilgrims team came up with the idea of recreating a real life disaster situation, namely a vehicle crash which took place on the Isle of Sheppey Bridge crossing, in Kent, during thick fog. Selecting a hotel and outdoor venue, 20 vehicles were used, including vans, motorbikes and lorries. Actors played the parts of all the people who were trapped inside and on the bridge that day and smoke machines were used to recreate the foggy conditions. The day comprised five separate modules, including trauma medicine, team management, conflict resolution and vehicle safety, incorporating both theoretical and practical sessions.

Pilgrims COO, David Freear explains, “We have found that using a major real life incident is an extremely effective way of developing teams as it provides a platform to test and enhance all the necessary skills required for working as a team, as the situation helps hardwire the lessons and learning outcomes much more comprehensively.”

The safety and life skills taught are transferrable and can be used in everyday situations. It not only provides staff with greater confidence, but also demonstrates the investment the business is making in their welfare. David Freear continues, “Everyone commented that the make-up was realistic and said how brilliant the actors were. It is always difficult to get people to open up to each other but basing the scenarios on real life situations and making them dramatic means that team members have to understand one another’s strengths in order to work together more effectively, which greatly improves their individual communication and leadership skills. Delegates described the day as true team-building – they had all worked together. The feedback we received was fantastic.”

The client was in agreement, with comments from its staff including, “Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. True investment in people...”, “The best team building I’ve done....” and “Great investment in people.” Meanwhile, the benefits for team-building were encapsulated as, “…two distinct halves of the team (office and field based) became truly one, joined by a unique training event”.

Accordingly, even more of this remarkable form of training can now be delivered. Pilgrims new 45,000 sq ft state-of-the-art corporate safety training centre – the European headquarters for the Pilgrims Training Academy – is now open for business in Surrey, close to Gatwick and major routes. With 13,000 sq ft and 32,000 sq ft of office and indoor warehouse space respectively, this will enable the Pilgrims training division to provide high-tech classroom training and create realistic scenarios in a large mock town, which is like a film set inside the giant space. 
The facility will provide delegates with what is regarded as the most advanced and comprehensive corporate safety and security training centre in the UK, tailored to deliver a wide range of bespoke training to businesses, governments, NGOs and individuals, as well as media safety training for teams preparing to deploy to high risk environments.

Pilgrims Training was voted ‘Security Training Initiative of the Year’ at the Security Excellence Awards in both 2012 and 2014 and was a finalist in 2013 and 2015.

For more information about developing a bespoke team-building training course for your organisation, or to enquire about any other kind of training, please contact Pilgrims on: +44 (0)844 788 0180 or by e-mail:

Client Testimonials

Fantastic team building was evident as two distinct halves of the team (office and field based) truly became one, joined by this unique training event.
UK Access Director

This is one of the best things I've done, not only are the skills learned relevant in work situations, they are equally pertinent in any situation - thank you.
Key Account Manager

I want to have more of this – excellent.
UK Sr. Director
I could tick every box! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!
UK Brand PRA Manager

Learned life skills are applicable in all aspects of life. A great investment in people.
Training Consultant

Excellent day in a safe environment whilst being fun.
Key Account Manger

Probably the best team building I've done.
UK Quality Improvement Consultant