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Published: January 14, 2016

Pilgrims vessel, MV The Judge, has completed the necessary registrations to enable her to conduct security operations in Nigerian waters and beyond, with no restrictions.

The ship was acquired by Pilgrims in the USA three years ago and earlier this year refitted to install state-of-the-art navigation and anti-piracy equipment, expanding its personnel capacity to twelve crew members.

A lengthy process of registrations has since been undertaken by Pilgrims to ensure the vessel is fully compliant with the authorities and able to provide the best possible range of security-related activities that might be required. These included obtaining Nigerian flag registration which makes her a local vessel and allows The Judge to operate freely from Nigerian ports, as well as various checks and balances such as an inspection by the Nigerian Navy and a hull certificate. The ship also had to be painted battleship grey and can now legally board a naval security team.

Pilgrims co-ordinates MV The Judge’s operations closely with the Nigerian authorities to escort a range of commercial operations around West African waters. These operations include oil exploration, seismic surveys, resupply missions, crew changes and emergency evacuation.

“The potential for attack by pirates is a regrettable feature of modern maritime activity and poses a significant threat to our clients, many of whom are involved in projects of international economic significance,” says Daniel Revmatas, Director Operations of Pilgrims Africa. “The Judge gives Pilgrims the ability to provide organisations with a complete solution to security provision, both on land and at sea. Our sea-borne service, demonstrated by the upgraded abilities of The Judge, provides welcome reassurance in this uncertain environment.”