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Published: November 19, 2015

Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2015

The fourth time in a row Pilgrims has been nominated in this category, having won it two of the last three times. It is also the second time one of the company's online products has been nominated.

Pilgrims LifeSavers initiative is a unique programme to hardwire the life-saving skills that help keep our media, civil service and corporate clients safe in danger zones around the globe and is specifically designed to refresh and enhance knowledge and prevent skills fade.

The company identified an opportunity to market LifeSavers as a standalone product after initially offering it as a support package to its industry-leading practical training courses.

It has since proved extremely popular with more than 2,500 delegates signing up in its first year, recognising this as a very cost-effective solution for businesses.

The training objective is simple – to embed life-saving skills and knowledge so that delegates know what to do if they find themselves at risk in either a war zone, a natural disaster or just travelling or working in a different environment. Pilgrims uses high-intensity video scenarios that mirror real-life situations, based on a simulated conflict region, a fictitious nation where civil unrest is rife as freedom fighters battle government forces.

Scenarios are deliberately challenging and force decisions because experiencing and making mistakes are key elements in delegate conditioning. Decisions are made against the clock. For example: “A bomb has just gone off in this hotel, what should you do?” Or “How can you get through this checkpoint safely? Wrong move, you have been shot. This is what you should have done …”

This E-Learning is completely different to the tedious PowerPoint slides offered by some competitors. These DecisionMaker and FactFinder timed assessments, panning around a vivid 360° scene with impressive sound effects, are unique to Pilgrims training.

LifeSavers shines because it is innovative, interactive, highly engaging and allows delegates to practise real-life scenarios that hardwire life-saving skills over 36 months of regular sessions. No competitor offers anything like this. It is highly effective because delegates think not just about what they are doing but why. It is the antithesis to health and safety box-ticking compliance.