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Published: November 19, 2015

Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2015

Pilgrims Guarding division is nominated at this year's awards. Pilgrims specialises in manned guarding, with unrivalled expertise and an unparalleled track record operating globally at the highest level.

The company's worldwide team of security guards protecting foreign nationals boasts 15 years in every major conflict and disaster zone with a 100% no-fatalities or major injury safety record (despite 30,000+ road moves in Iraq alone in the last decade).

No competitor can match this.

In the UK, Pilgrims pioneering approach brings its clients and guards together in bespoke workshops where clients explain their business needs and priorities, so guards understand the role they play. Workshops provide a team environment for theory and practical scenarios that get guards focused on these business needs and the impact they can have in meeting them.

Pilgrims gives its clients the best service whilst often delivering businesses significant savings. The company saved one client £300,000 p.a. by restructuring sites using a technology package developed by its programmers to reduce manpower, as well as £91,000 in a year on another site.

Pilgrims also stands out for the continual training and learning provided for its guards, using the best technology and most engaging, interactive online courses in the security industry. The company's eGuarding training package was a winner at these awards in 2014.