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Published: July 16, 2015

Through a morning intelligence bulletin, Pilgrims ensures that all our teams receive information on the latest significant threats and events happening in the places we are operating, in order to inform and protect clients in their daily activities.

Our Risk and Information Services provide internal daily updates with relevant and specific information to our own personnel, so they are continually aware and equipped with both local and global knowledge and can inform clients accordingly. From our Training Academy to our Global Operations room, each team is kept aware of current and potential threats affecting the world around them.

Pilgrims Director of Risk & Information Services, Richard Lovell-Knight, explains: “At Pilgrims we have developed our information and analysis considerably over recent years. We continue our strategic analysis and forecasting, but the challenge is to keep pace with rapidly changing events that affect us and our clients often in unpredictable ways. Our conclusions usually need to be tactical and immediate. Every day we look closely at incidents and possible new trends in places where we have current operations, or that can affect them, and ensure the whole company, including trainers, consultants and support staff are kept informed. The result is a well-informed workforce that is further enhancing the risk guidance our consultants give our clients.”

To view an example of one of our internal reports, click the PDF below: