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Published: April 22, 2015

Pilgrims Senior Advisor, Sir David Veness, presents the argument that recent developments in international terrorism and the current response to the threats and risk posed, have strengthened the business case for corporate investment in security...

The presence of armed soldiers on the streets of French and Belgian cities demonstrates changed circumstances and novel dimensions of the challenge. Business leaders will wish to consider the key factors which have led to these changed conditions:

  • The threat is growing faster than the response and has created a gap in security.

  • The threat and the security gap is likely to be enduring.

  • The potential impact upon business encompasses staff safety and security at home and abroad.

  • The changed threat and response has wide implications for business operations and thus necessitates a more integrated and comprehensive security policy.

The opportunity for business arising from these factors is to assess the need for self-help and to sharpen the corporate security posture. This opportunity extends to the business contribution to closing the security gap in the wider community interest.

A sound beginning to the process of assessment of the need for business change is to analyse the reasons for the growing threat and to appreciate the limitations upon response.

On the basis of analysis of the threat of international terrorism and the current response, the business case is clearly made out for a step-change for in-house corporate security and for business reinforcement of public/private security.

This feature goes on to discuss:

  • Geographical Concerns

  • New and Old Groups

  • Terrorist Methodology

  • The Terrorist Agenda

  • Assessing the Response Capability

  • Reasons for the Gap